About Me..♥

Hello there!

My name is TeeMa, and I was born on Feb 15th.

– I’m interested in:

  • ♥- Writing.
  • x- Music.
  • ♥- Shopping.
  • x- Drawing.
  • ♥- Video games.
  • x- Hanging out.
  • ♥- Photography.
  • x- Accessories.
  • ♥- Reading.
  • x- Watching TV.
  • ♥- Singing.
  • x- Chocolate.
  • ♥- Chatting.
  • x- Surfing the net.
  • ♥- Basketball.
  • x- Learning languages.
  • ♥- I’m pretty much interested in Korea, Japan and Taiwan.

– I’m into:

Kpop, JRock, pop, rock, alternative, acoustic, R&B, Punk.. Depends on my mood and the song itself. I enjoy listening to covers on Youtube.

– I love watching:

Movies, but mostly dramas. (kdramas, Jdramas, Tdramas).

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TeeMa ChangJo


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