SHINHWA ‘VENUS’ Official Music Video


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SHINHWA 10th ALBUM ‘VENUS’ Official Music Video.
신화 10집 타이틀곡 ‘비너스’ 뮤직비디오.


Eric shares pics on Twitter.


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고된 촬영을 마치고 드디어 찾아온 자유시간…

Trans: Free time finally came after a hard shot… 
우리멤버들은 좀 이상합니다. 말끔한정장을입고 볼일보는포즈로 단체사진을찍고,
Shinhwa in tidy suits posing a funny pose.. Adorkable legends ❤
제가진지하게인터뷰를하면 진지한얼굴로 머리 이곳저곳에 마이크를 갖다댑니다. 젠장…
Eric is being serious with straight face expressions while they are fooling around interviewing his face? lol
이중에 동완이가 마이크를댄곳은…이날 오셨던 분들만 알죠….
Eric, whats with the expression?! D: lol
PS. The English part is not actually the translation. They are just my comments.
Source: Eric’s Twiiter ( @miclarge1 )

‘Protect The Boss’ OST Album, “30,000 Copies in Just Pre-Orders” Domestic Release on the 8th.



The OST for the SBS Wed-Thursday drama Protect the Boss is planned to be released on the coming 8th domestically.

The ‘Protect the Boss’ OST have been revealed online until its Part 7 as digital singles– I Will Protect You by Kim Jaejoong, Please Let Us Just Love by A-Pink, You Don’t Even Know Well by Lynn, I’m Asking You by M-Street, I Can  See Only You by ZE:A’s Kwanghee and Jewelry’s Yewon, Because of You by Hyuwoo, Now I Know by Son Hyeonwoo, and A Sad Song Is by Heo Youngsaeng.

Furthermore, the Protect the Boss OST had repeatedly become the talk of the town whenever the digital singles were released due to the participation of the top vocalists. Lynn, JYJ’s Kim Jaejoong, M-Street, and Heo Youngsaeng and such completed the top-notch vocal line to make alive the atmosphere of the drama.

An affiliate to the SBS Contents Hub which produced the Protect the Boss OST relayed: “Currently, there are 30,000 gone just in pre-orders. So we are going to first sell the 30,000 copies which the pre-orders have claimed in Korea only.

On the other hand, the Protect the Boss OST which is being released on the 8th can be purchased online and offline stores. The first 15,000 persons will be gifted a Protect the Boss poster.

Source: TVDaily
Translation Credit: JYJ3

JYJ’s “In Heaven” Music Video Teaser will be released on Sept 5th.


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JYJ‘s agency C-Jes entertainment confirmed on their website that the 1minute Music Video teaser for JYJ‘s track ‘In Heaven‘ will be released in public at the midnight of September 5th.

In Heaven‘ was written and composed by JYJ member Kim Jae Joong, ’In Heavenis a sad ballad song and it contains the lyrical melodies created by the three members’ powerful voices.

The sad stories will be expressed in the music video of ‘In Heaven‘.

Credit: k-popexpress

Source: C-JeS Enterntainment + Trans-credit:@DoctorJaee